Recording Services

I offer a portable recording service ideal for solo, duo, and trio musicians, complete with mixing and mastering to CD or Mp3. I specialize in recording Christian and Folk music! The best way to reach me is through e-mail!

Previous Recording Work

WPI Downloads

All the following recorded at WPI with the artist's permission for non commercial distribution.
All rights reserved by Peter Lucia

Quality Event Artist (Click to Download) Date Artist's Website
*** Coffeehouse WPI and Clark Accappella Groups Spring 2006
* WPI Pep Rally 2006 Ben Dwyer and Copper Tree Fall 2006
*** Coffeehouse Geoffrey Brown and Friends Spring 2006
**** Coffeehouse Lissa Schneckenburger Fall 2006 Lissa Schneckenburger
**** Coffeehouse Aanne Heaton Fall 2006 Aanne Heaton
*** Coffeehouse Brien Sweet and Zo Tobi Spring 2007
*** Coffeehouse Geoffrey Brown Fall 2006
**** Coffeehouse Adam Ezra Spring 2007 Adam Ezra
*** Coffeehouse Porter Davis Fall 2007 Porter Davis
*** Coffeehouse Jim's Big Ego Spring 2007 Jim's Big Ego
***** Coffeehouse Chris Williams Fall 2007 Chris Williams
***** Coffeehouse Mark Erelli 11/14/2007 Mark Erelli
** Pub Coppertree - Kascade
***** Suff Live at WPI - My Sufficiency Project
**** Coffeehouse Lissa Schneckenburger Fall 2007 Lissa Schneckenburger
*** Coffeehouse Rocky Votolato Spring 2008 Rocky Votolato
**** Coffeehouse Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert Spring 2008 Ellis Paul, Vance Gilbert
**** Broadway Revue Broadway Revue 2009 Winter 2009 VOX

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